The invention of
the collapsible umbrella

After getting injured in the war, it was very difficult for Hans Haupt to carry an umbrella and use his walking stick at the same time, so he decided to try and find a solution himself. The result?

The first umbrella with a foldable frame – it fitted in his bag perfectly and was always on hand when it started to rain!

Owing to its small size, Hans naturally referred to it as his little “Knirps”, which is where the brand name “Knirps” also came from – being an affectionate term in German for a small child or “wee tyke”.     
In 1928, Bremshey & Co saw great potential for such a product and helped to produce the first model of this innovative pocket umbrella. This was the beginning of a new era and models in a wide range of different sizes, shapes and colours were soon developed.


This included the use of new and innovative materials and the creation of daring constructions, many of which set the standard for umbrella design, e.g. the first automatic model, produced in 1965 and in 2004, the new Knirps X1, the smallest Knirps ever made. 


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